7 thoughts on “Thursday, March 3, 2022

  1. William,
    I had a 1934 Royal–gray from years of dust and grime. I rubbed it down with Maguires scratch remover for car finishes and then polished it with Maguires car wax with a micro-fiber cloth. The Royal shines like a new car– deep and rich. Just a suggestion.

  2. A couple of corrections: Gary Brooker died on February 19, 2022 but his death wasn’t announced until last week. That’s when I heard about it anyway. Procol Harum Live In Concert With the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra was recorded in November, 1971 and the album was
    released in 1972.

  3. William, I am at work now so don’t have my references with me. I too have a ’39 Champion and it is among my favorites. I can’t remember the name of the stuff that was recommended to my by my typewriter guy. When I get home I’ll look it up and amend this note.

      1. I’ve got to give those products a try. I generally us Maguiar products because I fond them the best for cars.

  4. William, Congratulations on getting a Champion. Every one of those I got to use was a fantastic typer. I have Universals. Same as the Champion without the Champion keyboard and tabulator.
    I use Meguiar automotive cleaner wax, Gold class Carnauba wax, and for really dull paint, their glaze. They also make a great scratch remover that even works on most plastic (PlastX & Ultimate) including that which covers LCD displays. For maintenance I dust my shiny finish typewriters with Pledge.

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