8 thoughts on “Saturday, March 5, 2022

  1. John, where is this movie theatre. We must save it. I have ideas to get people in and experience the big screen again. Is it for sale? Hopefully not in the Midwest as I left there because of weather. I’ve dreamed of having a movie theatre and once a week would be old movies for free.

  2. 1974 Hermes 3000, dating site ideas were really good. When you give up working in an office you can get that business going. I’d be in the Ashes group. I’ve been watching a good show only 10-12 minutes long on relationships called State of the Union. I learned from this show that I am an Ace. Aces are people not interested in sex but just need a few close friends to be happy.

  3. John and Linda, a book I’ve recommended here before, VIRGIL WANDER by Leif Enger, features a small town movie theater owner as its protagonist. I think you’d both find the book quite enjoyable.

    1. John, thanks for a terrific piece on Market Square Theater. While many won’t see or care of its passing, those of us who enjoyed its cozy confines it’s just one more thing we’ve lost to these changing times.

  4. Rusty – I have to admit that I am a pecker. In fact, while in the Navy, my job was to check the. My brother was right and a pusher. He was fairly accomplished.

    I laughed all the way through your post. Thanks for the humor.

  5. Mike in VA, I loved that documentary “It Might Get Loud” and I agree, I tend to like typewriters for their idiosyncracies rather than efficiencies. Each model has a personality — even two of the same model can have a different history. So too with guitars, each has it’s own personality, a story to tell, and playability. Welcome Rusty. I prefer to use all of my fingers over a pecker. LoL.

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