9 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 8, 2022

  1. Rusty and Rose,

    I’ve always believed that nurses and public school teachers are the true heroes in our society.

  2. Re: Nurses: What Rusty said. As for healthcare workers not looking after themselves, in the 1980s my father went to see his doctor in his surgery but was informed the doctor had died; he’d dropped dead of a heart attack, aged about fifty, in the middle of a consultation with a patient…I’ve just received a text from my own doctor informing me that I haven’t had my blood pressure taken in more than five years. There’s a machine in the library, so I’ll do it there. I’m not a health worker, just a lowly tutor and part-time poet. And those salty crackers I just had probably didn’t do my BP any good…

  3. Rationing. I remember old people speaking of it when I was a boy. Then Nixon tried price controls followed by Carter. Seems they made inflation worse than a truly free market. However I’m willing to pay more to see Ukraine win. The big question is if Russia only supplies 3% of our oil, why the big price increases? Seems the US could easily pick up the slack (if the money speculators and big greedy corporations were willing).

    JVC, you’re making me hungry. Chinese chicken on a stick, and kabobs…yum.

  4. Greetings All

    Isn’t it interesting how one of the first things that Grandpa Joe Biden did once he got into office was to cancel the XL-Keystone pipeline that would supply oil from Canada to the USA. Now he’s wondering where the USA is going to find the oil it needs now it has stopped importing from Russia. Any thoughts from south of the 49th?


    1. In the gas tanks of big trucks with maga signs and confederate flags in the windows. Just a guess.

  5. W.G., Hey Jennifer Veci’s death certificate does not have a “cause of death” – how can that be?

    1. Catalina: Hi. Well spotted! What you see is only the top of it; there are ‘fifty other things’ – and Malik himself , despite its ‘unequivocal’ appearance, will take a second look and raise doubts about its authenticity in a later chapter.

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