7 thoughts on “Thursday, March 10, 2022

  1. Suzie, welcome to our club of writers,dreamers, poets, and just cool people. No agenda just write what is on your mind. Fact or fiction doesn’t matter.

  2. Thank you, Linda and Leo! I felt so silly after submitting my page, like I should have practiced a few pages first. But I’m embracing the idea that this is a wonderful way to overcome the self-consciousness that can keep me from writing. Appreciate the welcome and your writing!

  3. NOTE: When I typed, “They survived” I meant, my mother, her family and her townspeople in Sarrat Ilocos Norte, Philippines 1941. They Japanese solders were rooted out, eventually, by USA and Philippines Army.

  4. Kent, what better way to celebrate retirement than reliving a childhood desire? — sledding on uncrowded snow.

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