7 thoughts on “Friday, March 11, 2022

  1. Scott, the train trip from Eugene was a few connections. One train from Eugene to Seattle, where we had a couple hour break when we got to see our son, and then the Empire Builder from Seattle to Minneapolis. Then a bus from Minneapolis to Duluth and then my sister gave us a ride across the bridge to Superior.

  2. Scott, I love the trousers on that turkey. The artist put a surprising amount of thought into them. The button-up tail-bustle at the back is very sheer genius.

  3. W.G. The pre-language in pregnancy stuff is captivating. Lina: The cat with the wink in her eye comes from a set of stamps. I will elaborate more on the stamps; watch these pages. The force be with you when driving a car. Why can’t you vote? Citizenship status? Tori, I didn’t realize you were as far Pacific northwest as Vancouver. Xicano, Miles Jackson – 21 shots the police used – when he was handcuffed — and in a hospital? Just shoot up the hospital. I read they searched him initially. How did the gun show up in his pants? Leo, lol. Ron, I love the musical “Rent.” Enjoy!

  4. Thank you, Catalina, for your comment about the pre-language chapter in Caroline Says. I wrote my first novel when I was in the womb, of course, but I didn’t have the words for it.

  5. Aw thanks, Lina. Our plan for Sam is exactly yours for Lucky: care for him until the sun, food and sleeping next to us no longer gives him joy. Funny how little balls of bones, fur and whiskers embed themselves in our hearts, isn’t it?

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