8 thoughts on “Sunday, March 13, 2022

    1. Phone data is spotty. If you’re around town , it’s OK-to-marginal at best. Go into the desert wilds, nada. Though if you’re in the shadow of Mt. Laguna about 30 miles south of town, 5G downloads clock in at 150 megs/sec. Go a couple miles down the road, and it drops to zero bars.

      1. Whenever I think to move to the desert, this is one of my first questions. I have classes that take place on Zoom, which is why.

  1. Thank you Barbara. I wasn’t sure. I will probably get a copy of the book too. The more Mark spoke and the author’s read excerpts have me wanting more.

  2. Barbara, SC Silent and Corona Bank. I’ll will check out your podcasts. Good to read your typed words as busy as you are. Ron, I love the musical Rent.

  3. W.G., What is that “ticking sound”….someone at a typewriter? Leo, lol I always get philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein
    mixed up with DRO&I’s cat Wendelstein.

  4. Hi, Catalina. Wittgenstein asks: “What is the natural expression [Ausdruck] of an intention? – Look at a cat when it stalks a bird; or a beast when it wants to escape” (PI, §647).

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