8 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 15, 2022

  1. Blackwing Pencil Alert #46: (& #47!) 2 ‘sightings’ of Blackwings in the wilds of OTP today: Barbara mentioned Blackwing pencils as one of her obsessions on her OTP (I, of course, as President of the Blackwing Alert Council, can’t imagine anyone being obsessed with pencils, but I do recommend a book called Pencils You Should Know by Caroline Weaver – profusely illustrated – it’s pencilporn- Blackwings on pages 66 +67); Leo Madigow’s intrepid but penurious private investigator Danny Demarest pilfers a Blackwing 602 in the last paragraph of today’s episode of Type-Face Strikes Again! Is this product placement? Is Madigow in the pay of Palomino? Or just another poor pencilhead?

  2. Leo, sweet poem. There’s a new grey cat in the neighborhood, hanging around our yard when Topaz is not arond. Maybe I should nickname him Wittengenstein. Lol.

  3. Re: Blackwing alert #46 (or #47). I have consulted my lawyers, Fabre & Costello (formerly Abbott & Costello) and they advised me to refute any imputations of product placement by writing a 2-Minute Poem, so here it is:
    Could it be
    that W. G.
    is in the employ
    of the letter P?

  4. Thanks, Catalina. I used to know a cat called Picasso, and I ‘co-owned’, insofar as one ever owns a cat, one called Zola, but I didn’t get cats-tody after the break-up.

  5. John: I can hardly imagine a better purpose for OTP than transcriptions from old communiques — back when letters, telegrams, etc., took physical form and therefore were more likely to be rediscovered and treasured by subsequent generations. In the past few years, I’ve had the chance to pore over letters and diaries from multiple ancestors, and find them a bottomless well of inspiration.

    On a practical level, instructing your executor to “Burn all my papers!” is a lot more concise than “Delete all my emails, texts, tweets, blog entries, IG posts, and Facebook account!”

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