14 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 16, 2022

  1. Mike: “Sometimes it’s not all about Blackwings.” Heresy! Though interesting to know that Mitsubishi produce a “special type of pencil called a Kohitsu Shosha (brush pen)which is used specifically for practising traditional Chinese calligraphy…since the core is larger, there’s more exposed graphite, resulting in a more brushlike stroke…(they are) unique examples of very soft pencils that are actually intended for writing rather than drawing.” (Pencils You Should Know, Caroline Weaver, page 140)

    1. Hahaha! I think I just shot coffee out of my nose. I have heard of those calligraphy pencils. Have you ever tried them?

      1. OMG how did I not know about Kohitsu Shosha pencils? I’ve been studying kanji for years. I’m so inspired by the thought of especially soft pencils especially for kanji, I’ve just ordered six 6B Mitsubishi Penmanship triangular shape (there’s a round option too). Mitsubishi’s high end Fude empitsu (brush pencil) 10B is $20 Australian and … I don’t think I’m ready to spend that much on a pencil … yet. Soft pencils are so pleasant to write with.

  2. Ron-sorry about your brother. Hope he can get better.

    Scott-Bon voyage to Texas and enjoy good meals.

    William-It was exactly 2 years ago, on this day indeed, that my employer told everyone with an office job, that they had to start working from home. The great majority of the employees in my Agency are not office workers and therefore continued to be performing their tasks as before, but no mask was initially provided. We had lots of people sick over the last two years. My wife and I got Covid a month ago and we are still recuperating from it, imagine if we had not gotten two shots and a booster.


  3. William, sorry for the loss of your friend. I lost 2 friends (age 10 and 19) and a brother 42 to suicide.
    Barbara, I bought your book last year but am saving for my trip to Palm Springs hopefully soon.
    Adam, very cool clock and radio. My grandfather was from Wales ( Davies)

  4. Michael Arau: Actually, no. If I’m honest, I’m all about the uni-ball eye…But the Caroline Weaver book about pencils is fascinating even for a casual ballpointer like myself.

  5. Adam, I enjoyed your stories about Oma’s clock and the radio. I’m in Sydney, so I roughly know the places you mentioned. Thank you.

  6. William in Emeryville, I for one, am honored that you could write so unabashedly among us OTP writers–within the little window you have opened in typing and reflecting on your experience in the past two years and recently. Inspired by Didion; you go forward.

  7. Michael: Thanks for the offer but last count I have about 150 ballpoints (and there’s a cupboard I won’t even open), so I’m trying to cut down on my habit. If I start exploring other ballpoints, then that way lies…far too many ballpoints.

  8. Linaneild: Glad to be of help! It’s a shame that for copyright reasons I can’t post pictures from the book. Many of the pencils look too lovely to use.

    Catalina: Spoiler alert: Yes, Jennifer lives! The unnamed voice on the phone, Mr Lawrence’s boss…Watch this space…

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