15 thoughts on “Thursday, March 17, 2022

  1. Kent: I know that’s Bob Dylan on the left (not his best look) and Allen Ginsberg on the right, doing his famous impersonation of J Edgar Hoover, but who is the mysterious man in the window?

    1. Look again, he seems to have disappeared. But seriously, we swapped out images for one we had permission to use. Though if you got the emailed version of OTP, you’ll probably have the original.

  2. Xicano: You’re a sterling fellow, sacrificing your break to get somebody sorted at the welfare office. Good for you! Re: finding pencils: here on the pavements of London it’s a rare day I don’t find some kind of writing implement when I go on a walk, but never a Blackwing. When Covid first started I was misinformed and wouldn’t touch them but now I’ve started picking them up again. (BTW, don’t let W. G. catch you with that non-regulation Paper Mate!)

  3. Gracias Leo. It’s my job but it’s also my pleasure to be of assistance. Oh and the pencil is a General’s Pastel Chalk 4473 LT. GREY. Yeah no Blackwing. Now I have to run lest the Blackwing Patrol catch up to me for the trespass of my rebel Sharpwriter! Lol.

  4. Xicano: I agree with Leo. You are a fine example of what it means to be a public service professional.

  5. Daniel: The Charger 11 is a workhorse for sure, especially good for taking outdoors. If Cormac McCarthy’s Lettera 32 was good for five million words surely a Charger 11 is good for almost that, wouldn’t you say?

    1. For sure, it could. Though time will tell how much I can get used to that carriage jogging up and down. I’ve never been a fan of carriage shifted typewriters. If I wrote fiction, forget it, always shifting for quotes. I’d say that’s why Cormac McCarthy didn’t use quotes, but the Lettera 32 has a super light segment shift.

  6. Daniel: Yes, I thought I was going crazy when the image seemed to have disappeared, but it was still on my other computer because I opened OTP on two computers at once.

      1. Daniel: Turns out Disney wasn’t cryogenically frozen after all but cremated. It feels like my whole life, waiting for Walt Disney to come back, has been a lie…

  7. Daniel: Some people would say McCarthy was just lazy, but you’re right about the basket shift. I regret selling the 32 I had, but don’t like pica. I dont find the carriage shift tedious on the Charger, but wouldn’t have a larger machine with one. Meanwhile, I’ve resigned myself to having capital letters out of line and other such flaws. Beats paying the price people are getting for a 32 these days.

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