3 thoughts on “Friday, March 18, 2022

  1. Scott, great trike. I bet you’ll log a lot of happy miles on it.

    Daniel, great bike. I used to sell a bunch of those when I was at the Trek shop in Issaquah, a far better choice for most folks than whatever is the fastest, lightest, raciest (not racist!) thing.

    Inkling & the mouse update. We think the mouse took the hint & returned to the great outdoors. Inkling is back to his active, playful prowling self but is no longer staring at the former mouse havens.

    Finally, I have my usual quota of typos in today’s pages. The reviews are from 2015 and not from three years in the future!

  2. Hi, Kent: Have just downloaded Death and the Penguin (thanks for the recommendation – sounds like my kind of book) and was disappointed to see that the publisher wasn’t Penguin Books, but the translator is called George Bird…

  3. Note Type: The falcon Annie might have been spooked by illegal drones – not “droves” as I mistyped.

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