9 thoughts on “Saturday, March 19, 2022

  1. Damn! You tagged it Tag. Like looking in a mirror. That last line did some extra healing. The whole page is medicine.

  2. Linda: A very kind and thoughtful offer. Thanks. The two largest used record stores in Little Rock have two of the three albums I want, Broken Barricades and Exotic Birds and Fruit, at reasonable prices. It’s just a matter of driving there to get them. The first album, self-titled, hasn’t turned up yet, but I suspect will be expensive. I’d like to have the European version, which has a washed-out red cover. The black-covered American version is fine too. It includes Whiter Shade of Pale, which the European version does not. The Well’s On Fire, the 2003 album I mentioned, would be on CD. I’ve listened to it and the others on YouTube and the fidelity on my TV is quite good, but vinyl is better on the old stuff. Anyway, thanks again. Very generous of you.

  3. Buck: Have you been spying on me since childhood? Your experience is mine TO THE LETTER. As a child, I wrote copiously and freely, many times for publication but mostly just for myself. Looking back, most of it was fertilizer, but that’s exactly what it was supposed to be. As an adult, I allowed the Critic / Editor to take over, with predictable effects — less freedom, lower output, more work, less play. I tell my children: let my experience be a warning to you!

    Linda: Yay, Writing Down the Bones! I read it my freshman year of college and was blown away. Such a fresh perspective of the creative process. Per my previous note above — if only I’d followed Goldberg’s advice better! But amazingly, there’s still time.

  4. Linda, Nice font on that organe/red Hermes Rocket. There’s gotta be a video of how to open a Rocket.

  5. Tag: Great piece on depression; your depression. Many good pieces on this subject have appeared on OTP. One of the many things that make One Typed Page unique.

  6. Catalina: That’s where old-fashioned letters have it all over the email; it’s so much easier to send an angry email – even now, I can’t remember where the unsend key is for quickly changing your mind after sending an angry email – but with a letter you have to take it to a postbox – and then wait…

  7. Hi Linda,

    It is really hard to remove the shell on that model. On my machine, which hopefully is like yours, you have to unscrew the feet and then undo the two nuts (with a 6 mm socket) and then unscrew the two small but long screws inside the back cover, between the cover and the bar holding the margin setting buttons.

    After that, the mechanism is help by two platic tabs in front of the ribbons spools. These tabs need to be pryed up befoe you can pull the mechanism from behind. The sides and bottom of the shell are in one single piece of plastic. The mechanism is slipped inside this plastic shell.


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