11 thoughts on “Monday, March 21, 2022

  1. It is with great sadness that I have to report that yet another pencil, reduced to half its former glory, and possibly not a Blackwing at all, has fallen prey to the Blackwing Longpoint Sharpener, its former glory reduced to mere wood shavings inside the merciless machine of blades. Many claim that pencils ‘feel no pain’ – but how do we know? Apologists say that the ‘automatic brakes prevent over-sharpening’ but who asked to be sharpened? These questions need to be answered. Meanwhile, the menacing Longpoint sits idly on top of the innocent pencil, holding it prisoner, taking it hostage, on a former OTP post. Where will it all end?

  2. I feel the pain of the pencil in a world where we’re forced to be sharp or else not of use. Cut me then to make your point if you must. But promise to make me feel useful that the pain from the blade be not in vain.

    The cry of the pencil…and some people

  3. Joe: I saw you video yesterday and it was great, as usual.

    I would like to draw your attention to the question Linda asked on Saturday, and for which I replied in the comments as best I could.

    I have a 1969 Hermes Baby, similar to Linda’s (hers, I think, is more recent) and I found it quite difficult to pull the mechanism from the one-piece palstic shell. I think our three typewriters are all sharing the same mechanism with very similar designs, made by Silver-Seiko, sold under other manufacturer’s names. In your case, Royal, in Linda and mine, Hermes. Am I correct in syaing this?


  4. Daniel, I’m not sure about the later Baby and Rockets, but the 1950s versions were Swiss made and nothing like the Silver Seiko, they were easy to pull the innards from the thin sheet metal shell. With the Silver Seiko, remove the bottom panel and screws under the ribbon cover.

    1. Thanks Joe. Grateful for your videos on your 1950’s versions which show very well how they are put together. Alas, the plastic Baby and Rocket models have a different mechanism and shell. I’ve posted some photos on the TWDB of mine and as you will read from Linda’s OTP today (March 22), pulling the mechanism is a complex affair!

      Daniel Burgoyne

  5. Ron, I enjoyed your description of the Shotokovich concert conducted by Jahja Ling in Des Moine. Hugh, I like the variety of sketchings on your OTP and the bird sighting #917. Do you have a particular log that your document your sightings? W.G. Wow, two sisters pregnant. Hormones abound. I hope to submit to OTP tonight. Leo, interesting poem right after DRO&I page and picture in a boat.

    1. Thanks, Catalina. Sketching and hand-written journals are what I do most before typing. Yes, I do keep a list of birds. Date and locale spotted, then all sorts of cross-tracking info for my amusement.

  6. DRO&I keep on paddling my brother.
    Leo, I am used to you amazing with words and their smithing. Y yo? I’ll keep on scribbling and my Blackwings are in the mail coming soon. You folks have exposed me to too many obsessions…but I like it. Gracias to all.

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