15 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 22, 2022

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  1. Catalina thank you for the thought of sending a Blackwing but I ordered a few already and they should arrive soon. Again thank you and that’s very kind of you but unless you’ve already sent it go ahead and hold on to it 🙂

  2. Linda, I am so sorry for the troubles the orange Hermes is giving you. The plastic shell is not a good design at all.

    Daniel Burgoyne

  3. Erratum: The line at the bottom of page 61 of Type-Face beginning: “Ah, Mr Nixon…” Please delete. Don’t read it. You never saw it. I decided to go in another direction. Thank you.

  4. Catalina: Re-reading today’s page, I realise why you thought Caroline was pregnant: “So she’d created a semi-orphan.” I meant that the child would not have a father because Caroine had killed him. (Blame the writer; I always do.)

    I told Caroline what you said about her father doing what he had to. She said, “Hm.”

    Mike: The sharpened Blackwings thank you for your compassion and exhortations to treat them well. In other Blackwing News: Leo Madigow’s Poor Detective mentioned, on page 61 of “Type-Face Strikes Again!”, that the corrections on Nixon’s calling card were made by a Blackwing 602.

  5. John, I was thinking of songs that have phrases that end in prepositions. Rather colloquial, but Hal David’s lyric (music by Burt Bacharach) “Don’t Make Me Over”

    Don’t make me over
    Now that I’d do anything for you
    Don’t make me over
    Now that you know how I adore you

  6. W.G. I was thinking of when Maggie says, “Hi Caroline, how’s my favourite sister. It looks like we finally have something in common…I’m pregnant. “

  7. Catalina: Blackwing Update. Very ritzy-looking Blackwing on the left margin of one of Catalina’s pages today. (Sorry, very absent-minded today; nearly got hit by a bus : best not to think too deeply about plot while walking in a busy street! Especially if you didn’t get a good night’s sleep!)

  8. Barbara: Haven’t gone on any scorpion hunts! It’s not just the critters that’ll get ya, the plants around here also seem prickly if you get too close. I’ve got a 4WD Jeep, but not the high clearance kind that’ll get you to some amazing back country. Mostly Coyote Canyon hikes just outside of town. Though once there it feels like a thousand miles from anywhere!

  9. Hi Linda

    From what I understand, the newer Hermes Rockets are actually rebadged Olivetti Lettera 82’s. If you really wanted to get rid of it, I’d happily take it off your hands, but shipping up to Canada gets a little pricy. Ted Munk might have some information on these machines in one of his Typewriter Repair Bibles, just a thought,


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