3 thoughts on “Thursday, March 24, 2022

  1. Hi, Catalina. ‘W.G. hmmm. We never got a full account of when Jennifer, the mother, and Caroline, the daughter finally meet. We only know that she typed an angry letter to her father afterward; which she used to mop the coffee. Interesting….’ Tomorrow’s chapter of Caroline Says tackles that meeting.

  2. I enjoyed how you worked in Anne Sexton’s poem “Housewife,” it came from that era of Jennifer, the mother. And the Reverend Theodore Munk! lol

  3. Hi, Catalina: Just had to use that “writin’ iron” phrase. But one of Munk’s articles made me aware, for the first time, that the thickness of the ribbon affects how much of the ink it catches, and thicker ribbons prevent bunching in the vibrator, which cuts off the tops of letters. But manufacturers never say how thick or thin their ribbons are. Reading him was an education!

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