10 thoughts on “Friday, March 25, 2022

  1. Very cool Skywriter. I love the color combination. Nice job.

    I’m scared of mice. Eek a Mouse (the reggae artist) I love.

  2. Welcome, MD! You could hardly pick a more reliable typer than an Olympia SM9. My 1968 De Luxe is the pride of my (albeit limited) collection.

    Looking forward to your future inspirations!

  3. Scott, glad you made it home and had a nice visit. Any thoughts on moving closer to daughters? As for biscuits, I think the key is freshbaking powder. I buy small tin and still don’t use it all before I replace. Same is true for dry yeast.

  4. Ron – the repainted Skyriter is beautiful; terrific job. I have the same year / model. Gets me thinking.

  5. Catalina – Manchin just confirmed he is going to vote for Judge Jackson; I was worried about that. Mitch has gone the other way, but he has always been on the dark side of the dark side. She will prevail and we will have the most qualified jurist in our lifetimes watching over us. That makes me feel very good.

  6. Catalina: You mentioned that ‘time flies’. Well, you know what they say: Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

    Was ‘read between the lies’ a typo or a poetic flourish? I like to think the latter.

    MD: Welcome to OTP!

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