4 thoughts on “Monday, March 28, 2022

  1. Mike in Virginia : I’m sorry about your friend. Did you notice the coincidence that today’s OTP carries two mentions of broadcast engineers? Your late friend, and the character in Scott’s ‘Easy’ chapter?

    It’s great to hear that you’re still reading ‘Caroline Says’ with enjoyment. That keeps me writing! I’m sure Leo feels the same way about your reading his novel. Someone out there is reading it…Yes!

    Blackwing Alert #49: Blackwing pencils were mentioned (not altogether favourably) in Xicano’s post today, and some writing implements were placed alongside his text, which may or may not be Blackwings…

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  2. I was too hard on the Blackwings. I like them. I just forgot how annoying it was to keep on sharpening pencils so the line they put down stays the way that I like it. I’m lazy so like the mechanical pencils the best.
    Yes, by the typer are pencils and pens, erasers and things and a few Blackwings have landed there.

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