5 thoughts on “Thursday, March 31, 2022

  1. Kent: “…we have great grandkids.”

    WHOA!!! Slow down there, Kent. Per Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, “There’s a double meaning in that.”

  2. Catalina: I’m getting an exhibit from my abacus collection set up in a local library, and was playing around with soroban notation using a typewriter.

  3. Lina, I loved your sweet waterpainted paper and whimsical musings on Thursday. Affection, affirmation, affinity.

  4. Roger, In 1974, In an essay, “Fascinating Facism” for The New York Review of Books, Susan Sontag “shares her concerns with the 1970s cultural climate, in which an aesthetic and cultural fascination with fascism has become accommodated and culturally accepted by minimising engagement with its historical and ideological contextual framework.” She begins the essay with a review of Leni Rifenstahl’s book of photography, compiled well after her documentation of the Nazi regime in Germany. Sontag’s essay was required reading in graduate school for English and Literary Theory. It’s no wonder that these topics come up cyclically. And we have to be prepared to RESIST at all twists and turns in time.

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