13 thoughts on “Wednesday, April 6, 2022

  1. Blackwing alert! A Blackwing matte has been spotted near Xicano’s OTP, which included pencilled comments expressing approval of the product. (This comment was not sponsored by Palomino.)

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  2. Leo, I was reading your layered poem with characters Jack and Jill. We (in the USA) have a boxed snack of carmel corn called “Cracker Jack”, and now they are coming out with “Cracker Jill” available at all baseball parks. Pepsi, who owns the brand, added that the team heading up the campaign is “fueled by powerful female and non-binary voices.”

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    1. Catalina: Yes, as I grew up, Cracker Jack (the snack) would get a mention in every third or fourth American novel I read. I think I’ll have Wilma eat some in ‘Type-Face’. Cracker Jill? Whyever not. Also, growing up, as a teenager, my two best friends were actually called Jack and Jill. But they didn’t get on with each other. You couldn’t make it up.

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    1. Hi, Catalina. This is the problem with presenting a novel only a page or two at a time over a long period of time. Way back, more than 200 pages ago, on page 44, I go into detail about how Jennifer hides the microdots under plastic key caps. I wrote ‘microfilm’ instead of ‘microdot’ and followed up with an erratum on page 51. Microdots are practically invisible to the eye. She usually hid the microdot under the C key (for Caroline; all her messages begin: ‘Caroline Says…’). Typewriters were being delivered and collected ‘for repair’ constantly.

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  3. W.G. ,Ah yes, of course I remember the micro-dots hidden in the key caps. That’s why I’m not good at using a Kindle. I prefer a hard copy book which I usually mark up with a pencil. I found page 44 which you posted to OTP on October 9, 2021 which describes Jennifer’s preferred mid-century modern plastic key caps over the the glass/steel caps.


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