3 thoughts on “Friday, April 8, 2022

  1. Typewriter update: the most amazing man with 45 years of typewriter repair came to my apartment. Bad news and good news. The Hermes Rocket has issues but may survive; my beloved Smith Corona needs maybe it’s first cleaning ever; the Corsair is hardly worth much but after a bath we’ll see. Now for the sad news. The Voss beauty is on life support. It was damaged during shipping and likely will RIP. At A to Z Typewriter in Virginia they make house calls and never ship. They sell typers and deliver. Everything gets a guarantee. His coworker is 93 and done this his whole life but now too ill. Will this art be lost forever? Not sure I want to submit a handwritten OTP but may need to. Am surprised no one wanted my Procol Harum albums.

  2. Hi Linda, how cool that you found a typewriter doc who makes house calls! And I am glad you will make it to Palm Springs soon. We look forward to updates. I wish we had some of your rain. The abundant sunshine this year has made me sad. Rain, ironically, puts a smile on my face in these global warming days.

    1. This is the place for rain and high humidity year round. We should swap homes sometime. If you get near Palm Springs in May let me know. I’ll be at the pool smiling.

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