5 thoughts on “Sunday, April 10, 2022

  1. Re: Typewriter spotting: I had a very frustrating two hours trying to identify a typewriter during the film ‘Malina’, which is an adaptation of an Ingeborg Bachmann novel (there are many photos of the poet/novelist with typewriters online) starring Isabelle Huppert as the schizophrenic writer of letters. Why she is writing these letters is never made clear. Nor to whom. The film is set in an indeterminate period mostly in Malina’s head, so that’s no help, and was made in 1991 but the novel was published in 1971.)At first, I thought it was an Adler, not unreasonably, seeing as it had ADLER written on the front…but…it had a carriage return lever that doesn’t correspond to any Adler I’ve ever seen online, apparently made of white plastic. Later in the movie, the sticker on the back moves from the middle of the typer to the bottom left. (I take comfort in the fact that there might be others on this site who would also notice such a thing. That, and the fact that I no longer take drugs.) So the typer had a stunt double because the one the actor throws into the fire at the end of the movie is another typer, which looks a lot like an Alpina. Despite viewing various stills from the film (and no mention on the credits! I mean really what’s going on?) the typer, which may be a mock-up, and its stunt double remain unidentified. But I really like those Alpinas..

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