7 thoughts on “Monday, April 11, 2022

  1. Blackwing alert: The Blackwing Danny Demarest purloined from a crime made a reappearance today in Lieutenant Lane’s office. Thought you should know.

  2. Mike: Dittos on your exercise routine for creativity. Many writers emphasize the connection between idea development and daily hikes (Brenda Ueland, Natalie Goldberg and Julia Cameron come to mind). Jogging, cycling, and even long showers fit the bill. For whatever reason, the mind seems to appreciate the chance to “play” while the body is otherwise occupied.

  3. Leo, that typewriters anon call log was a hoot! As an ex-addict, still on the edge of relapse, I could identify…. a bit too much.

    1. Surely, !&?, you mean you used to be ‘typewriter-challenged’? Actually, that was a true story, as far as that listing and that typer goes. But I was strong. I wrote myself out of buying a ‘new’ typer by writing on an old one. That listing was still there yesterday. And there’s no harm in just looking, is there? Is there?

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