8 thoughts on “Thursday, April 14, 2022

  1. Xicano – I also love PBS. Some favorites are Growing Bolder, Poetry in America, American Masters and I do Classical Stretch every day so my joints and muscles keep working.

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  2. Linda yeah American Masters is cool and of course the Ken Burns docs are a must. Oh and I like the World Channel too. I call it the sociological channel 🙂

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  3. Blackwing alert: Spotted on Mike (as in Keep on truckin’)’s OTP today, with the legend: HE PRESSURE, TWICE THE SPEED. This was part of a pair released to celebrate feminism. The other pencil reads: SHE THE PRESSURE, THRICE THE SPEED. Really.

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  4. Tag, I always saw Maher as a libertarian, which helps to explain his ability to agree and disagree with both liberals and conservatives, depending on the issue.

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    1. Bill Maher certainly comes off as social libertarian, but his positions on most political issues are undeniably left-of-center. Positioning him midway between liberals and conservatives would be a stretch.

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  5. To Xicano — I’m glad that pot is legal where I’m from, but for the fact that I already have mental health problems, I’d rather not consume it for safety sake.


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