10 thoughts on “Sunday, April 17, 2022

  1. Error upon error. Another Erratum Slip in ‘Caroline Says’: “I can’t believe for a second that Caroline is Malpomene…’ on page 287 should read ‘…Mnemosyne.’ I shudder to think how many times I may have mixed up my muses and got the daughter (Malpomene) mixed up with the mother (Mnemosyne). The Olympia Traveller de Luxe typewriter I use doesn’t have a ‘Search’ key. They must’ve thought, circa 1975, that they’d already found everything.

    1. I too had some hiccups with “Ganesh”… After typing my first OTP, I’ve successfully found out that my new ink tape was still good: the spool switches were wrong.
      Anyway, I’m currently working my own OTP project on my Insta side-account which is “anime journaling” related. It’s like a no-frills, minimalist version of doing typed pages on one’s favourite anime (or other fandoms), minus the need to buy more stationery each time. Right now, I’m reviewing 90s Sailor Moon 😀

  2. Hi, Xicano. Yes, the evidence would suggest (if we accept that Jesus existed at all, or that there were not about a dozen Jesuses doing the rounds and cadging free meals by making with the spiel) that Jesus was a zombie after about 3pm on a Friday, albeit not of the brain-eating kind (‘tasteless’ joke deleted here), which would make him Zombie #2 after Zombie #1 (Lazarus). There may have been other zombies. They were never very clear about it in Bible class. Nice photo – you look cool!

  3. PS: But buying stationery is half the fun, when it’s not too pricey…Practically all the shops were shut in the High Street this Easter Sunday…except for the stationer’s and the art supply store…

    1. The anime journals today’s youth are doing these days are very cluttered with washi tapes, stickers, printed screenshots from their shows of choice, etc.
      I’m just experimenting with what the concept would be like if I was living in the 1970s…

    1. lol 😂
      Just for those not in the know: there was a myth where Ganesh had to transcribe a holy text that a wise man orally dictated to him. Having difficulty with his normal writing utensils, he had to break one of his tusks and use it as a pen.

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