6 thoughts on “Friday, April 22, 2022

  1. Thanks Mike! The template design I used on Kittl is called “Blind Crow – Coffee Shop An engraving style coffee shop logo, inspired by old ephemera and vintage letterheads.” I swapped out the wording and deleted a couple elements and downloaded the png file. Pretty easy to use and it’s free unless you want to make more than 10 designs then they have a subscription tier but I’m good with the free one. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with! 🙂


    1. Little has a YouTube channel and I watched them make up that coffee design. I think one I get a feel for it the sky will be the limit.

  2. Tori, very cool letterhead. I will scan more vintage papers to share soon. If you get Showtime, watch The One and Only Dick Gregory. He was first presidential candidate I followed. He was a brilliant activist on many fronts. I had his books and records but wasn’t old enough to vote. In 1972 I voted for Shirley Chisholm and still collect vintage items about her. Still no typewriters to use so this will do. If you live in a city where multiple people aren’t shot every day, count your blessings. Active shooters here all hours of the day. Terrifying. Will be in Palm Springs soon and hope the mountains comfort me.

  3. W.G. Wow, you have a typewriter in Cyrillic (Russian) — and a Hebrew font typewriter? Fact or fiction?

  4. Catalina: Yes! Though the cyrillic one is Bulgarian, not Russian, like Mr Lawrence’s; the Hebrew script one was found on top of a dumpster minus spool cover, and very dusty, but working! It cost me $7 – the coffee and KitKat I had after collecting it cost almost as much. Picture will follow later in chapter. Thanks for reading!

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