11 thoughts on “Sunday, April 24, 2022

  1. Mike: Am really sorry for the loss of Fiona. Your typed pages show how much she played a part in your lives. It brought tears to my eyes.

    Daniel B.

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  2. Mike: Thinking of you and Dolores on the loss of beautiful Fiona. It is normal to wish we could have done more or better. But your piece is evidence that nearly every day of her life was a dog’s dream. Thanks for taking such good care of your friend.

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  3. Kent: Regarding Roy Orbison, the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix has his Grammy for “Oh, Pretty Woman” on display. However, the statue leaves out the comma in the song’s title.

    So before anyone thinks about apologizing for typos in your OTP submissions, just remember that the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, with months to prepare, couldn’t even proof-check an engraved award.

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  4. Mike, I lost our family dog some years ago and it hit me like a truck. Time is about the only thing that takes the pain away, and it can be slow going. It is normal, I think, that with the highs come the lows. There is the old “joke” that a man went to see a fortune teller who told him that in 10 years he was going to have a massive heartbreak. To make himself feel better about the news he went out and got himself a dog.

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