9 thoughts on “Wednesday, April 27, 2022

  1. I’m feeling a little foolish right now. After reading Michael’s last comments regarding the book Syllabus and then seeing the screenshot of a journal page, I was sure it was from his own journal. That inspired me so much that I went to the library to see if they had a copy. Sure enough, they did and the page Michael submitted was from the book.

    I still intend to read this and Michael, please accept my accolades anyway because I know you are a prolific journalist.

    1. Wait? It is in the book? I have gone from front to back and back to front without finding it. Time to try it again. Yes, my stuff is no where near what she does. But, gee, thanks!

  2. Leo: I like that your ex doesn’t even rate seven syllables in the 2nd line (unless you intended the last word to be read in the Shakespearean style, a la “fuck-ED”).

  3. Kent, There are really sweet videos of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez performing the song “God on Our Side”as a duet at the Newport Folk Festival in July 1963 and July 1964. So young and innocent. It’s a great song; direct.

  4. Claire, Great to read your continued English translations of French political statements. Thanks for giving the context of the Macron vs. LePen elections – and the history of her father, the Nazi. Let’s call him that; if the shoe fits. Reading your perspective as a native, is far more interesting that looking this up these issues on Wikipedia. Cheers!

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