9 thoughts on “Wednesday, April 27, 2022

  1. I’m feeling a little foolish right now. After reading Michael’s last comments regarding the book Syllabus and then seeing the screenshot of a journal page, I was sure it was from his own journal. That inspired me so much that I went to the library to see if they had a copy. Sure enough, they did and the page Michael submitted was from the book.

    I still intend to read this and Michael, please accept my accolades anyway because I know you are a prolific journalist.

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  2. Leo: I like that your ex doesn’t even rate seven syllables in the 2nd line (unless you intended the last word to be read in the Shakespearean style, a la “fuck-ED”).

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  3. Kent, There are really sweet videos of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez performing the song “God on Our Side”as a duet at the Newport Folk Festival in July 1963 and July 1964. So young and innocent. It’s a great song; direct.


  4. Claire, Great to read your continued English translations of French political statements. Thanks for giving the context of the Macron vs. LePen elections – and the history of her father, the Nazi. Let’s call him that; if the shoe fits. Reading your perspective as a native, is far more interesting that looking this up these issues on Wikipedia. Cheers!

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