9 thoughts on “Thursday, April 28, 2022

  1. KDA, When we think we are right with God, Well, like J. Vernon often states, “We must use God’s measuring stick.” Then we find we seldom are.

    Great work on the Smith Corona. Wonderful color combination.

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  2. Kent: I also enjoy the Aerial Lift Bridge at the Duluth Harbor. Grandma’s restaurant (the original) downtown Duluth is my favorite. Of course my favorite place to visit in your neck of the woods is Split Rock Lighthouse.

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  3. KDA, You typed an interesting piece OTP today. I think I do remember news media on the “Slave Bible” exhibit (loaned from Fisk University, Nashvill Tennessee) for the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC (2018.) I found an interesting critique of the exhibit at: https://therevealer.org/the-slave-bible-is-not-what-you-think/
    Basically we Americans need to think about if the whole Bible is really “The Good Book” – it is actually just a book, with the potential to be used for good and Evil. These days, it seems to be used for Evil. And we have to use our literacy, thinking, faith, hope and love to resist Evil.


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