3 thoughts on “Saturday, April 30, 2022

  1. Linda in DC- thanks for the good news! Your posts are always SUCH a joy to read, so I’m very glad you have your typewriters back from servicing. If ever you should find yourself without a good working typewriter, I will send you one just so I can read your posts. May your light continue to shine – 🙏😀🙏

  2. Xicano, there’s a good piece (4/12/2022) from Democracy Now, of Amy Goodman interviewing Lev Golinkin, a Ukranian American journalist who has covered attacks by both Russian and the U.S.-backed government in Kyiv in the Donbas for over 8 years. He talks about the origins of Azov Battalian, the neo Nazi wing of the Ukranian Armed Forces. which has received funding and training from the U.S. government and is now being platformed by prominent U.S. news organizations.

    “…This is a battalion that should not be — the news organizations should not be using them. All it does is, A, play into Russian propaganda, and, B, it gives them legitimacy, which they absolutely should not be getting, because they are white supremacists. And it’s shameful to see news organizations use videos from Azov. It was shameful the Financial Times actually interviewed the leader of Azov, who is a committed neo-Nazi, and they gave him a platform. And it’s been extremely disturbing to see this group being legitimized. Japan just took them off the list of their terrorism. They have a list of terror groups, and then they just took them off the list.

    And, I mean, I cannot stress this enough: Support Ukraine. Support the people who are not white supremacists. That’s the overwhelming majority of Ukraine. Do not support this formation. Do not support it, because they are white supremacists. They are wonderful for Putin’s propaganda. And they are seeking to get international fighters to come to Ukraine and learn how to kill, which is the absolute worst thing we want…”

    The you can read the full interview at: https://www.democracynow.org/2022/4/12/russia_russian_offensive_eastern_ukraine_donbas

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