13 thoughts on “Sunday, May 1, 2022

  1. Roger in Cabot – I’m always interested these tried and tested ways of doing things. I had never occured to me that using a wax seal is not beyond my reach. Thanks for addressing this with a show and tell.

  2. Leo – I often struggle with poetry and then when I think I understand I find myself heading down some back alley, as it were. Memories Into Echo took me by the hand. What a journey. There may be a thousand tales rooted in your poem. Thanks

  3. Mike – I’ve been using a wax seal on all my written correspondence for a number of years now with no established technique and therefore, never really consistently nice. Now……..FINALLY……. (and thanks to you!) there can be some method to the madness of letter folding & sealing. From this point forward, I too, can keep on truckin’ with my written correspondence with a little more class and consistency! TY

  4. MichaelRpdx – Curiosity Stream has GOT to be THE BEST value in streaming service out there! I initially thought it may have been a mistype of $12 “per year” for “per month”, but nope…it’s per YEAR. If my math is correct, that’s $1.00 per month. What a bargain compared to YouTubeTV at nearly $100 per month. It’s 100 times cheaper and not even that, but the quality programming is outstanding. Love the academic categories as well as the choice of sorting all by ‘under 20 minutes’ and ‘over 20 minutes’. Thank you for improving my entire family’s TV of Interest programming. Much appreciated, thanks for sharing!

  5. DRO&I, nice Remington Silent Writer. Would that you paint it as Hugh did on his two-toned Smith Corona.

    1. I think I’ll leave this one as is. It’s in really good shape. I actually haven’t painted any of my machines, though I has the idea to do so on my QR Eleven.

  6. W.G. I am going to sleep knowing that today’s OTP of “Caroline Says” is only a dream.

  7. Roger, The problem with mercenaries — is that they are mercenaries. Underscore your last paragraph. The USA has not been very diligent in keeping our own neo-nazi extremists in check.

  8. Roger: Well-put.

    Leo: Entirely subjective, but for my sensibilities, one of your best.

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