5 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 3, 2022

  1. Catalina. You mentioned you often forget to check the platen for hardness. I usually insert two sheets, and when I’m finished I can feel the impressions on the back of the top sheet. They are almost as tall as braille bumps. If additional sheets protect the platen, wouldn’t additional sheets act as a renewed platen? I’m asking.

    1. Hi, Scott. I have the same question. I’ve never understood or even noticed, on any of my..um…seventeen typers if the platen is hard or soft. My father always used two sheets and I’ve always done the same. Maybe some typers will sound louder than others, maybe the quality of imprint is affected? But I can’t say I’ve noticed. Having said that, I don’t buy any typers whose platens look the worse for wear.

  2. Catalina, Congratulation on the Underwood. The tabs are easily set like on any office machine. The margins on these old Underwoods are backwards to every other typewriter. Left margin set has the high numbers and sets the right margin, the right margin set has the low numbers and sets the left margin. I think either Richard Polt has a copy of the No. 5 manual on his site, The Classical Typewriter Page, and may have one for the No. 6. These typewriters are some of the fastest and best manual typewriters made. The action is superb. If your serious about using yours sending your platen to JJ Short is well worth it

  3. John Baird, I was able to listen to Arvo Part’s “Passio…” performed by The Gesualdo Six and St. Mary’s Singers. Tonally, the work centers on a series of overlapping fifths: D-A-E-B –thus the strange open power chords – medievel, yet modern. Plainchant with another voice a fifth or below (organum) is really eerie. Later, parallel 5ths then become anathema to Baroque counterpoint. The rhythmic values are established by the text. (I did not go down the rabbit hole of analyzing the rhythmic feet of the text!) I listened while puttering in the house while it was raining. I can see how an audience might get a little fidgeting in a concert hall. But I enjoyed it very much.

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