12 thoughts on “Sunday, May 8, 2022

  1. Linda, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the app. “OfferUp” but you might find someone selling a typewriter nearby on there if you enter “typewriter” search and the local zipcode. Just an idea.

  2. Roger in Cabot – Unfair or no, the system didn’t seem to function. There are probably many reasons, but the incentive to work was one reason. A few decades ago a writer for the Atlantic was researching a story. When he ducked into a “cafe” no one would wait on him because the pay was the same whether the worked or sat.

  3. Leo – your troubled squirrel was delightful.

    One summer Barb and I took the pickup camper to the coast. She baked biscuits on Saturday morning. There was one extra, so she gave it to McBark, the dog. He wanted to save for later. He went to great pains burying it. After he’d tamped it down with his nose he discovered a sea gull was watching.

    He dug it up and ate it.

    1. Scott visiting in TX: Beautiful typeface on your new Hermes 3000. Great mysterious history too, sounds to me like it may have belonged to a James Bond 007 (with a different name and secret agent number of course!) Enjoy that Hermes

      1. Thank you. Today, 16 July, I discovered an armload of responses from OTP on an old WordPress blog, Operation Looking Glass. I put up this blog a couple of years ago. But since I had nothing to say it just sat.

  4. Thanks, Scott. I like the sound of seagulls because they make me think of the seaside but they can be a pain: I bought a sandwich in the outdoor cafe near the Princess Diana Memorial Merry-Go-Round in Kensington Gardens, left it on a wooden table, went to get some sugar for my coffee, and when I came back a seagull swooped and nabbed the whole thing. Sometimes, they even take the cutlery. Maybe they sell them on to some cleverer seagulls.

  5. Scott, I love the story of your grandfather carving out a quotation from “As You Like It” for your grandmother and, if I remember correctly, it took a bit of research for you to find the quote as from Shakespeare. Please do type out the quote again for OPT. It bears repeating!

    1. Catalina (such a beautiful name) – I’ll write a new past about my experience with “As You Like It”. Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you, Catalina! Great to be here. Thanks for the comment on the SG1 – it’s really a joy to use. Still haven’t cleaned it internally at all. I think my photos exaggerate the carriage length a bit – I had it slid over to the right for better photo composition. It’s the 15″ carriage and it is certainly plenty long for my purposes!


  6. Great story, Scott. I used to teach AS YOU LIKE IT before retiring from the public schools. By the way, I did not know what a hod carrier is. Looked it up.

  7. Linda in PS: thank you for that fortune. Now I can finally justify getting a monkey! Most certainly a monkeyโ€™s first word on the typewriter will inspire me on those days when Iโ€™m drawing a blank. ๐Ÿ™ˆ ๐Ÿ™‰ ๐Ÿ™Š

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