3 thoughts on “Monday, May 9, 2022

  1. Scott: My question about the Soviet Union and the failure of communism was in response to Xicano’s post on Saturday in which he said he thinks it’s unfair to say that communism doesn’t work and then give the USSR as an example. Is it fair to say that Soviet-style communism didn’t work?

  2. To the OTP writer (1973 typewriter) whose list includes “…Children, Clara, Rose, Regina…Abby, Mom…etc” you make my case in point–about Motherhood as both a burden and blessing to the writerly process and creativity. It will be interesting when “Art and Writing” can move up on you list from 11th place to — the top 3.

  3. RE: Moka Pots

    I am a big fan of Moka Pots. No, I won’t claim it’s the best way to brew coffee, but it is good, if done correctly. My experience has shown that boiling the water first does indeed help, as does immediately cooling the mostly empty water chamber when the coffee is done. This prevents the “bitter dregs” from ending up in your cup. Also, stop pouring as soon as you see the sludge coming down the spout. You don’t want that in your cup, either. It’s not really espresso, but it is a very strong coffee. I usually water mine down about 3:1 or 2:1 coffee-to-water, depending on the roast. If I’m feeling bold, I don’t add water. But however I make it, it’s always double cream, double sugar for me.

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