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  1. Catalina: Not sure I understand why you say the mainstream media is giving the public bread and circuses, and that the bread is probably white. News reporters are a more diverse group today than ever. NBC’s Lester Holt is probably the most respected news anchor, Jonathan Capehart and Eugene Robinson are outstanding columnists. On cable television there’s Don Lemon, Joy Reid, and others. Yamiche Alcindor is on PBS. The list goes on. There seems to be less diversity at Fox, but I don’t watch it much. The news media isn’t perfect, but it does a very good job most of the time.

  2. Roger, The mainstream media is continually giving the public panem et circenses or bread and circuses, by definition, “sustenance and entertainment provided by government to appease public discontent.” (Merriam Webster). And, the mainstream media is predominantly white. Salaries of the top political commentators/news anchors are dictated by the white bread profits $$$ from corporate advertising dollars which feed its audience the white bread comfort food of demagoguery, hate, violence, racial and class prejudice and misinformation (instead of rational thought), predicated on the protocol that Trump uses, that if you tell a lie repeatedly and long enough – it will become truth.

    Anchor salaries are also commensurate with the media ratings (estimated audience size) as demonstrated below (TheStreet 2/14/2020). The average salary of a news anchor is $58,000. It is not surprising that Hannity, the most highly paid and powerful news anchor could text the ex-President at his leisure before and during the Insurrection of January 6th, 2021 and that Trump could use that media vehicle unabashedly for his own purposes?

    1. Sean Hannity Salary – $40 million
    2. Diane Sawyer Salary – $22 million
    3. Robin Roberts Salary – $18 million
    4. George Stephanopoulos Salary – $15 million.
    5. Anderson Cooper Salary – $12 million
    6. Shepard Smith Salary – $10 million
    7. Maria Bartiromo Salary – $10 million
    8. Joe Scarborough Salary – $8 million
    9. Bret Baier Salary – $7 million
    10. Scott Pelley Salary – $7 million
    11. Rachel Maddow Salary – $7 million
    12. Tucker Carlson Salary: $6 million
    13. Lawrence O’Donnell Salary – $5 million
    14. Lester Holt Salary: $4 million
    15. Erin Burnett Salary: $3 million
    N/A Judy Woodruff Salary: $2.5 million
    N/A Yamiche Alcindor Salary: $334 thousand
    N/A Jonathan Capehart Salary: $119 thousand
    N/A Amy Goodman Salary: $125 thousand

    As an American, I prize our principles of freedom of the press. I have to search high and low for responsible reporting, fact checking and critical reviews of news that I am exposed to on a weekly basis. As a woman and artist of color, I must speak out, because I and other people of color have more at stake than those who can bask in the comfort and complacency of their white privilege. This is increasingly harder to do as local newspapers as we knew them, are being sold to mega-media corporations – again to control and garner on-line media advertising dollars. Truth and fair journalism can sometimes go to the highest bidder–and it will, if we don’t keep journalists in check with critical thinking and activism.

  3. I think we are over informed.

    My TV took a hike about four years ago. It took about four years to decide how much I missed the talking heads. I think it was Feb this year when split the case and found a blown fuse. A new fuse blew before I could release the power switch. So I threw it away and my blood pressure has never looked better.

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