3 thoughts on “Thursday, May 12, 2022

  1. Catalina: Respectfully, Ma’am, if I thought the media were as bad as you describe it I’d do like John Prine said, blow up my TV and throw away my paper. I’m not the avid consumer of news I once was, but what I read in the journals and listen to on television and radio certainly isn’t bread and anything. It’s an insult to every hard-working reporter, some of whom risk their lives, to say they’re a bunch of stooges. Further, I’m sure I have no idea what the term White Privilege has to do with anything. It’s designed to induce guilt in white people for being white — virtue signaling, I’ve heard it called — and does nothing constructive.

  2. Dearest Roger,
    John Prine is spot on. In my comment of 5/11/201, I quoted the average salary of an anchor/journalist as $58,000. That average would typify the compensation of men and women journalists of whom we would both agree to respectably call “every hard-working reporter(s), some of whom risk their lives” in the line of duty. Indeed, most recently, the Palestinian American reporter Shireen Abu Akleh, was killed while covering news in the occupied West Bank during an Israeli raid. However, the statistics show that the sheer volume of ratings, audience size and platforms generated by corporate advertising dollars (liberal and conservative) are controlled by a few highly paid actors– hardly journalists–which dominate what we know as mainstream media. Bread and Circus.

  3. Dearest Roger,
    You have confirmed that you have “NO IDEA what the term White Privilege has to do with ANYTHING.” (my capitalization) Most likely, because you have not had the opportunity to consider issues of race and how it affects American society. I doubt I can foist “guilt” upon an unsuspecting and indifferent white reader. I can, rather, compare and contrast qualities of the human condition that I perceive, and evoke compassion. Compassion compels and motivates people to go out of their way to help the physical, spiritual, or emotional trauma and pains in the world. But, also I understand that compassion may not be compatible with your epoch or station in life.

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