10 thoughts on “Sunday, May 15, 2022

  1. Scott: The Yale professor you mentioned is probably Dr. Amy Hungerford, who I believe is now a dean at Columbia. She’s very good. You aren’t the only one who struggled with Blood Meridian. Harold Bloom, who said he’d read the book twenty times or more, couldn’t finish it the first two or three attempts he made. Too violent. Most people consider it McCarthy’s masterpiece. By the way, McCarthy also used the “gittin place” line in All The Pretty Horses.

  2. Ferrick: Welcome! Glad Fate directed you to this forum. Here you’ll find like-minds, but not hive-minds — a varied spectrum of opinions united by attachment to expressing ourselves through type.

    Ron: Great tribute to your friend and colleague. It’s amazing how memorable such good-natured pranks are (though some of his may have bordered on illegal!). Count yourself blessed to have been his frequent target.

  3. Ferrick, welcome to our group of misfits, muses, all around great group of people. I never know what I’ll write until I touch the keys then it all flows out of my head. I thinking living alone, rarely talking out loud, this gives me a voice. I think for the first time I have true friends who don’t judge me. We share our thoughts on typewriters, books, movies, travel, food and some share recipes, politics and more. I wake up every day so excited to see what was posted. This group brought me out of a depressed state two years ago and I am so grateful.

  4. Ron, my condolences about the loss; bathe in the good memories. W.G., clever how you worked in some perspective(s) on communism into your fictional series “Caroline Sayes.” Personal and political is where are meets. Scott, I am enjoying you memories of the Puerto Rico family that adopted you while in the military — and today on the metric calibration in blue. Keep it up! NOTE: I inadvertently forgot to send my 3rd of 3 pages to Daniel B. You’ll see it in the morning.

  5. Catalina, you are very kind. I think once enough time passes after the death of a dear friend, we can smile instead of feel sad.

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