10 thoughts on “Monday, May 16, 2022

  1. Ferrick: I’ll join in, too, in welcoming you. Yes… Living the day with simplicity is a very good thing!

  2. Keep On Truckin’ Mike – try that Wheat Ale on your first hot day. Or second or third… Whenever it gets hot. That will change your mind about it.

  3. Leo,

    Your poem number 299 has struck a cord.

    Back several decades ago a new saw company came to be. It was called Stihl and with it came a jingle Trade commission frowned upon:


  4. Scott, speaking of ‘stealing/Stihling’, I recently failed to receive an Ellam’s vintage typewriter ribbon tin, and the post office that ‘lost’ it, in West Yorkshire, is called ‘Robin Hood’ – true story

  5. Welcom Thomas Frasano. I had STP at age 63; after a few trips to the Emergency and some observation by my cardiologist, I had an ablation procedure — to prevent the double electrical charge. I have had no problems since. I’m 65 and can have a cup of coffee without fear. I hope your STP has proper treatment and a good prognosis.

  6. Kent, I’m a Dylan fan when it comes down to it. He was only a kid when Dylan wrote,
    “How many roads must a man walk down
    Before you call him a man?…”

    And we are still looking for the answer.

  7. Leo – You took me on a trip through the Way Back Machine. I had acquired a book by the author Abby Hoffman with the same title as yours: “Steal This Book”. Oddly enough, it was based on the same principle as your poem.

    1. Michael: Yes, it’s a fine principle, in theory, but writers do have to make a living, so I’d add the caveat, Steal This Book if you can’t afford to buy it and/or the writer doesn’t need your money. And don’t get caught!

  8. Catalina – You should make him walk. Just be sure to stop the car before you eject him.

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