Monday, May 23, 2022

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Hi everyone, as you can read above, I travelled out of my neighbourhood about 15 minutes to get a free wifi in order to post this today. I don’t know how long I will be without internet at home so will do the same tomorrow or for the coming days. Please limit the submissions to one typed page and no photos until I get internet service back. The damage to Ottawa and the region has been extensive and worse than for the last tornado in 2018. Many thanks. Daniel B.

9 thoughts on “Monday, May 23, 2022

  1. Hi Xicano. I caught up with the James Baldwin documentary, based on his last -unfinished- work , just a few weeks ago. I would also say to anyone: watch “I Am Not Your Negro”.

  2. Palomino ForestChoice (a Blackwing by another name) spotted next to a rubber reptile today on Mike’s OTP.

  3. Daniel B., I’m glad to hear that your place didn’t suffer worse damage. Again, we typers appreciate the work you Daniels put in to keep these pages showing up day after day. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  4. DRO&I – um, wow so…. is it getting hot in here? so yeah you know if you’re ever in Vancouver maybe look me up *blushing*. Seriously, who turned up the heat? 😉

  5. Daniel B & Daniel M – thank you both for being super heroes. So sad about the weather and power outage. I think it is more than acceptable to not publish OTP under these circumstances. If there was no post for a day or two or whatever we will cope just fine. Take care of yourself and your neighbors.

  6. On writers of color being challenged, here or elsewhere: All writers who publish should expect to be challenged and criticized. No exceptions for race, creed, national origin, or any of that. We have a natural right to challenge and criticize the writings of another person, whether that person is of color or not, particularly on matters of style and content. To do so doesn’t necessarily mean the critic is a racist or bears any other animus toward the writer. Most writers accept this as part of the deal and go on with their business.
    On a related matter: I don’t give a rat’s hindquarters how much or how little one cares for my comfort. I assume most people care very little, if at all.

  7. Daniel B, your safety and that of your community in Ottawa, is utmost importance.

  8. Tom, As I wrote in my OTP comments on May 18, in the Mississippi abortion case currently before the SCOTUS, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, SCOTUS has decided to take up only _ONE_ of few petitions that the State of Missouri submitted:
    whether all pre-viability bans on elective abortions violate the Constitution. We will probably get the ruling and the 9 opinions any day now.

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