6 thoughts on “Saturday, May 28, 2022

  1. Ferrick: What I love about my Olympia SM9 is the adjustable paper support. I can set it exactly where I want the page to end and always know when I’ve reached that point. I don’t understand why so many typewriters only have something that wouldn’t support even a postcard, or nothing at all. I know they were keeping the cost down but it seems like something fairly essential.

    1. Thanks W.G., I looked at an Olympia SM9 this morning. The adjustable paper support is such an easy and great addition. Thanks for the note, I now have a piece of card with a few lines on it for different sized paper sitting behind the margin stops. Makes me wonder why I hadn’t thought of something like that before now. No more paper popping out. Cheers!

  2. I learned early on to put a pencil mark an inch or so from the bottom of the page to let me know when it will run out. Of course the Olympias make it so much easier!

  3. W.G., I won’t rest easy until Maggie is returned. Leo, Your Remington Portable 1936 must be like my Remington Portable Model 1 – 1922. It’s been around. Still ticking, like your poetry.

  4. Hi, Catalina. My Remington Compact Portable was sold to me as a 1920s model, but the serial number belied that information. I’m going to give the type bars a bit of a clean today.

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