3 thoughts on “Monday, May 30, 2022

  1. Hi, Catalina. Yes, marking the bottom of the page with cat paws also works, but what do you do if you don’t have a cat? And doesn’t the cat mind?

  2. There’s a cat in your alley Leo.
    Open your door lol. Enough for any cat deprived person. I’ve part time adopted a street cat. I call him Brutus.

    1. Hi, Xicano. Statistically, there are 10.8 million cats in the UK , but I haven’t owned one (or one hasn’t owned me) in about thirty years; there are five dogs on my side of the street, and they’ve learned to stop barking at me. I don’t think they’d be keen on paw duty, though. My brother has a garden – he gets a few six-dinner-Sids coming in through the cat flap. I hear you have a kitten on the way you’re having second thoughts about. I’m sure once it arrives you will lose your heart to it. I used to have a cat that would stand on the roof of the attic room where I lived and watched me every morning till I was out of sight on my way to work.

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