5 thoughts on “Monday, June 6, 2022

  1. Hugh, I mentioned you yesterday. Your photos of your sketches and the scenes you’ve encountered are outstanding. It’s almost been here, done that experience.

    Too bad about the stomach bug, but the medical care is good.

    Take care, you and Sandy.

  2. Hi, Scott. I can’t believe there’s a town in Arizona called Why. Though it would be even stranger if there was one called Because…

  3. Alex: Sorry to hear about your weekend. I don’t think writers (and typers *are* writers) are more prone to depression than anyone else. However, we do talk about it in our posts and many times fold it into our creative writing. Not sure talking about depression necessarily makes things better, but it beats the hell out of bottling it up, that’s for sure. Cheers.

    1. I think it very much so makes things better. 🙂 Not talking about it is where nothing gets better, usually. I’m doing much better already, thanks! 🙂

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