7 thoughts on “Wednesday, June 8, 2022

  1. Kenneth, welcome friend. Look forward to your posts whether daily or occasionally there are no rules.

  2. Hi, Scott. I had to find out why Why was called Why and I found out why on Why-kipedia (well, it was worth a shot…) and wrote about it on page 3 of my Repertoire des rues which was posted today. Two Y-intersections, and every town having to have at least 3 letters in its name. And once again there is less mystery in the world. (If you don’t include mysteries like why Trump is at liberty.)

  3. That little kitten is the devil! I’m sure of it. If I was to pass out I fear she’d eat me lol.

  4. Mike, Keep on Truckin’, Yes Maintenance is cheaper than Repair – and Buying a new car every seven years. Our Subaru Legacy, maintained by my hubby, is 22 years old, has 260 K miles — and my son is hoping to get it to 300K.

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