4 thoughts on “Thursday, June 9, 2022

  1. Thank you, Claire. I found the song on YouTube with a video of the singer sitting on cinema seats. It’s an odd melange of country-and-western and orchestral. Apparently, there was a long-running TV series called La Derniere Seance. Those pictures taken at Gare de l’Est are very evocative.

  2. Adam: re: paper, if you troll through the archives, you’ll see examples of all kinds of re-use. Grocery bags (cut into manageable sizes) are my favorite. You’ll find vintage company/hotel stationery, restaurant order pads, pages from old calendars, and I seem to remember someone typing on the petals of a flower. The great thing about a typewriter is, just about anything you can roll under the platen is fair game.

  3. Catalina: Thank you SO much for your interest. I will respond to your request tomorrow as best I can.

  4. A note about Boris Golubev, for readers of “Caroline Says” : I chose the name Golubev for one of my main characters because it’s a popular Russian surname (26th in a list that has Putin as 22nd) and it means ‘dove or pigeon’. Yesterday, I started watching a spy series, set in the 1960s, on Amazon, called ‘Totems’. One of the characters, an important space-race scientist is called Golubev, I noticed. And watching the 2nd episode today I was surprised when his first name turned out to be Boris, like my own Russian. My Boris Golubev’s story, however, takes place in the 90s and 2019. However, I think I’ll have to change Daniel Lawrence’s real name if I ever try to get the book published. “Caroline Says”, of course, is a famous song by the Velvet Underground (two songs, in fact) about domestic abuse, and that was intended, though its meaning in the story is different.

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