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  1. Hey Linda in DC, Yeah, I remember that movie “Valley of the Dolls” based on Jacqueline Susann’s 1966 novel, kind of kitchy film, panned by critics — but the song “Theme from the Valley of the Dolls” is one of my favorites written by Andre and Dory Previn (kind of after Michel LeGrand) but a beautiful haunting melody with a repeating motif — sung by Dionne Warwick. The song was to be given to Judy Garland, who had been fired from the film. Warwick’s version, (arranged by Pat Williams and produced by Burt Bachrach at A&M records) became an instant hit #2 on the top 100 Cash Box Top 100 in 1967.

    “…When did I stop feeling sure, feeling safe
    And start wondering why, wondering why
    Is this a dream, am I here, where are you
    What’s in back of the sky, why do we cry

    Gotta get off, gonna get
    Out of this merry-go-round
    Gotta get off, gonna get
    Need to get on where I’m bound

    When did I get, where did I
    Why am I lost as a lamb
    When will I know, where will I
    How will I learn who I am…”

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