4 thoughts on “Thursday, June 16, 2022

  1. My apologies to those that also provided good tips to authors to improve the quality of their images for posting. I typed my OTP late last night and my mind was already asleep!

    Daniel B.

  2. Catalina: like John and you, I also like the number 3 and its multiples.

    Some will think I am weird to post this but here it is anyway:
    3×3=9; 3×3×3=27; 2+7=9;
    3×27=81; 8+1=9
    3×81=243; 2+4+3=9
    3×243=729; 7+2=9; 9+9=18;1+8=9
    And so on and on…

    Daniel B

  3. Daniel B

    For a decade prior to the internet I published a quarterly radio journal. Everything was hardcopy, scanned and printed at Kinko and then sent via mail. It was beyond laborious. So I understand your plea. I will do my part in reducing the workload with only two submissions each week.

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