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  1. Scott: I don’t think either of the Daniels would want you, or anyone, to submit less often. I submit every day under two different names, and when Daniel Marleau didn’t have much band-width and asked us all to submit only one page, with few or no graphics, I asked him if I could continue to do so; he said I could because my pages are always low-res, averaging 200-400 kbs per page – and I think the problem is with too many photos and high-res pages that take longer to download and upload. Today, I’m glad to see, we have lots of pages, the ‘mill needs to keep grinding’ (I’m paraphrasing Daniel M. in an email he sent me). There are some days when we don’t make double numbers. I think the spirit of the enterprise is to have as many writers contributing as often as possible, unless, of course, all 160-something members contributed on the same day – which would be a book! I, for one, don’t want to switch to Facebook or Instagram, though I tend to become quite illogical about those behemoths. As I said earlier, my impression is that Daniel Marleau wants us to keep posting as often as possible. And if someone like Daniel B. is kind enough to stand in for him when he needs a break, giving us all a break, in a manner of speaking, so much the better.

    1. Ha, right, there is a limit! But mostly we get a dozen or so daily, enough to keep it interesting and diverse, but not so much as to be, well, too much! That’s the great thing about OTP are the many submissions from all over the world. I’d say keep it up to all those out there. And if we haven’t got a page from you yet, please send it in!

    2. And, yes, Leo you are one of the standouts when it comes to file size! Small and clear. I try to keep OTP as lightweight as possible so anybody in the world, regardless of the internet connection, can tap into all our wonderful words. And we do get readers from every continent.

      Which is also a great reminder to everyone to keep your email attachments to around a megabyte. That really helps.

  2. Mike,
    I’ve been absent from One Typed Page for more than a month–maybe two–and today I read it and saw your lovely post about my podcast, Writers on Writing, and about my son’s typewriter music. I take it you found Just My Type on Spotify. Travis has created almost an hour’s worth of music using his Hermes 2000, a typewriter I found on Freecycle.org almost 20 years ago. So if you haven’t found it yet, go to Spotify and look for Just My Type, and you’ll find not only the intros/interludes/outros used on my podcast, but entire songs. I’ll also post to One Typed Page about this as I don’t know if everyone reads the comments at the end.

  3. LaDonna, welcome to our group. Sharing love of typewriters, shopping at Goodwill, having cats, and close to walking for what you need resonates with all of us.

  4. I’ve been absent from any talk about switching platforms but what about groups.io? It can be a private group and what you post is there for the rest of the group to see. Would relieve just about all of the work for Dan.

    1. Barbara,

      Yes, Groups.io is an alternative and works like a forum, for those who haven’t used it. It’s not as good as a blog post.

      Daniel M. just wrote about the challenges of publishing OTP and sent an invitation for ideas and comments.

      Daniel B.

      1. Yes, ideally having someone like Daniel M. or yourself doing it daily on WordPress is the best option, but one can’t impose and make it a burden, and the Groups.io option, suggested by Barbara, which is only $20/month premium (I, for one, wouldn’t mind making a small monthly contribution, to Groups or either Daniel) seems like a viable option to me, or we could even switch, depending on Danielic (I’ve coined an adjective!) availability, doing it the old way some months, and the Groups way on others. But it’s still a big fat no to Facebook and Instagram, from me, at least.

    2. I did look at this, as there’s a typewriter group on there. An email list could work. Just somebody would need to manage subscriptions. I suspect many readers like getting OTP in their inbox so they don’t have to remember to visit a website. It’d be nice if groups.io could batch up a digest of the days post into a single email.

      1. The creater of groups.io was also the creater of yahoo groups. He might lend an ear to our plight. My computer skills are such that no one would appreciate my results, not even me :-(.

  5. Definitely no to Facebook or anything else. We have the perfect place now on WordPress with Daniel M. All we want is to make it as doable as we can for him so it doesn’t become a burden. We’ll find out how we can facilitate that with him.

    1. Just want to dispel the “burden” notion. It’s never been that way. OTP has been one of the great joys these past two years. Just challenging to publish when you’re on the road and doing lots of other things.

  6. Many, like myself, also have our own blogs, mine through Blogger. If bandwidth for hosting images is the core issue, I could imagine each of us posting our work to our own blogs, then sending Daniel a URL. Thus, each OTP posting would become an aggregated list of URLs from members’ own blogs. Not as elegant as seeing everyone’s work on one site, but certainly manageable.

    1. Eventually bandwidth/storage will need to be addressed, as I’ve been saving every page. But we’ve got another two years at our current rate before we reach the limit and need to pony up more for storage. No, the issue is having a single person be on the button every day. It’s easy when I’m at home, settled and with good internet. Not so much when I’m traveling around in a tiny camper.

      But that’s a great idea for folks setting up their own blog. I’m sure there’s quite a few regulars who could stand on their own and get quite a following.

  7. Thanks to everyone for sending in their suggestions for moving OTP forward. It’s one of those special places, a good place, a place of real joy, something that we all need.

    If you’re a reader and wondering what’s this all about, or didn’t get my message about changes to my life, here’s the story: I’ve got a bit of traveling coming up and keeping OTP going while on the road and in some remote places is a real challenge. I can’t keep it up on any regular schedule. If OTP continues in its current form, I’ll need some help. It’s a big job for any single person to take on every day. I invite you to add your thoughts here, or send to submissions@typewriterreview.com.

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