2 thoughts on “Saturday, June 18, 2022

  1. Roger in Cabot: Decades ago an air force friend told me about drinking beer somewhere in Spain. One of Franco’s police entered wearing a cape under which he kept his arms and hands except when reaching for his drink. When he was finished he told the bar keep to close. And he did. Everyone filed out without any questions.

  2. LaDonna: “This machine kills fascists”…”Punch a nazi!” Yes, and yes.
    Scott: One of my grandparents (the two that weren’t shot by Franco’s fascists – both my parents lost their fathers to the fascists – one grandfather refused to wear a fascist uniform, the other was a socialist mayor who wouldn’t recant; he was also the town baker and has a street named after him) but I forget which grandparent it was who was allowed to live out a normal lifespan, albeit under fascist repression, who had a dog called Libertad (Liberty). The Guardia Civil came round and shot it dead in front of the children. Before the Civil War, the Latifundistas – the landowners who thought working people were less than human – the landowners who propped up that prize cunt Franco – would round up anyone who attempted to strike because they were living in starvation conditions, tie them up in a field, up to a hundred men at a time, and burn them alive. The men who gave those orders lived to a ripe old age. Many people in Spain today pretend these things didn’t happen, or ‘that was another time’. Anyway, don’t get me started…

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