15 thoughts on “Monday, June 27, 2022

    1. W.G., can I just say how much I enjoy “Caroline Says”? I look forward to each day’s installment (even if it’s a repeat, ha). Sexy and psychological/dreamlike and whip-smart, with international flavor. It makes me want to try writing fiction, though I don’t know how to juggle that many characters and plots. Only problem is I keep wanting to call it “Jennifer Says” because of a Lloyd Cole and the Commotions song I like (“Jennifer She Said”). Actually, Lloyd Cole is great background music for reading your work. Anyway, just a little fan letter. Keep em coming.

      1. Thank you, Rose! That’s made my day! I wrote you a long reply but the comments section is acting up these days, at least for me, and some of my comments don’t make it, they just disappear! I used to listen to Lloyd Cole back in the early 90s. That Jennifer song takes me back! If you want to write a novel, why not commit yourself to a page a day to OTP, no matter what, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes – I’ve made so many! OTP keeps it moving forward, as does using a typewriter. Without OTP I would never have made it to 365 pages, so far…Thanks again. Your comment about Caroline Says is a real fillip.

  1. CORRECTION: The quote above my post today should’ve been attributed to Pudd’nhead Wilson’s Calendar. Did Pudd’nhead keep a diary? I don’t recall. Anyway, as the newspapers say, we regret the error.

  2. Wonderful post Catalina.
    Hopefully, my comment will post, I also have problems commenting on WP blogs. WP seems to blow them into the Aether never to be seen again, and I won’t redo them. (I’m stubborn)
    Good to see voting promoted. The most important thing we can do is not protest, but VOTE! Vote those we dislike out and others in.

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