11 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 28, 2022

    1. Not really a technical term in this case. I scanned the Polaroids in 4800 dpi, which is more than I ever used before. And the detail is very impressive.

  1. Keep on Truckin’ Mike: You pose some very valid questions my friend. Alex H., love your expressive self-portrait! (pairs nicely with Mike’s questions!). Very nice quality on those scans Alex, and from polaroids. Super Duper COOL. Regarding printing, I think of a wide carriage typewriter….your printer must have a VERY wide carriage. Ha Ha Ha Impressive, creative, love it for sure.

    1. In fact it’s just a normal printer. It’s all just black and white prints in medium quality on A4 printer paper. Once you cut off the top and right and glue them together, magic happens.
      But this gives me an idea for a future project, thanks! ^^

  2. Spacebar, yes, it looks good in white too. I know the experience of painting this machine, I did exactly that a few months ago. See https://onetypedpage.com/2022/04/28/ and this has become one of my favorite machines. The action is… somewhat rustic and familiar? Comfortable? I’m not sure, but it sure is easy to type away on. Once you put the effort into taking a machine apart, and all the steps needed to paint it, there is a bit of “you” in there at the end. A bond forms.

  3. !&?, WOW. Your two-tone looks amazing! I had to exercise quite a bit of patience and persistence as I had to sand out several runs over the course of my trial and error procedures to get the finish just right. Glad to know you too saw great potential in this little workhorse! 🙂

  4. Michael rpdx, Thanks for the tip on Ntflxxx “Money Heist: Korea.” I love Korean dramas. So many; so little time.

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