7 thoughts on “Wednesday, June 29, 2022

    1. Thanks W.G. I start tonight. There will be a little difference in the time, but all should go through fine.

  1. Catalina: I imagine you drew from memory in pointing out the Shakespeare that’s become cliche. Except for one or two, “(Cry havoc and let slip) the dogs of war” and “wear your heart on your sleeve,” I have to refer to a little book I’ve had for forty years, 1,500 Literary References Everybody Should Know. The book’s introduction notes that most of the references are from Shakespeare and The Bible, of which a good many are now

  2. Keep on Truckin’ Mike, Wyoming is like a perfect place to live. I like the sparse population of it as well as Montana. goats are very easy to raise and supply milk, and meat if you choose, take less resources than cattle or sheep. Goat milk and cheese is wonderful. Oh, now I miss the goat farmers in PA.

  3. Roger, Well, “cliche” means overused etc. But truly, to your point, many phrases from Shakespeare and the Bible have become common and accepted American usage. See my next OTP….

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