6 thoughts on “Friday, July 1, 2022

  1. Hi, Linda. Looks like we coincided today on the subject of cutting down trees! There really did used to be a tree growing through the centre of a neighbour’s two-storey house and it was sad to see it disappear.

  2. @Linda in DC: You are right of course. But she rolls her eyes a lot anyway, haha. And the typewriter arrived today! More in tomorrow’s post.

  3. Linda – I love your notion of a typer commune! Agreed not in DC and not in Wyoming. You pick the town in California (goats do well there too I understand) and I’ll keep trying to get Urban Dictionary to approve my ‘typospherian’ term – no response. I re-submitted it again today (Do they not know that I owe you a t-shirt?!?).

    Alex H. – You may enjoy watching The Good Place. It’s on Hulu I think. 🙂

  4. Thank you Catalina and Linda for your kind words (and others if I missed you). The important thing is that Daniel gets to have an enjoyable break and relax. Cheers!

  5. For those longing for California, I hope Norcal and not the liberal democrat Socal or you won’t like CA either. I learned when I was 18 not to kiss up to any party. People are elected to serve their constituents, not the Party (That’s what Commies do).

    If you make a typewriter in Montana, maybe I’d be interested.

    End of political tirade.

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